The features that make a home stand out often differ from person to person — especially between adults and children. While adults may value amenities such as a spacious kitchen with brand new appliances or an open living room with ample natural light, home elements that appeal to children tend toward the fun and whimsical. If you have children and are looking for ways to outfit your home to delight them, here are some home features that kids love.

Create a themed bedroom

For younger children, a themed bedroom can create a fun, exciting environment, and the possibilities are almost endless. Whether it’s a jungle theme that includes oversized stuffed animals and wall graphics, a princess-inspired castle motif with a canopy bed or an original design of your own, there are numerous ways to create a special space for your child. A pop of color on an accent wall and unique light fixtures can add a personalized touch, and there are a variety of designs for area rugs that can fit your chosen theme perfectly. Incorporating a reading nook or study area is another great way to set the space apart and make the room special. Bunk beds can also contribute to a theme, help two children share a bedroom or create more room for play space, a desk or storage.

Set up a dedicated arts and crafts area

Setting up an area for arts and crafts only requires a few simple steps, and it can make the crafting experience more enjoyable for both kids and adults. A dedicated space gives children the freedom to draw, paint or craft whenever the mood strikes them, and it limits cleanup to one location. The space can be something as simple as a table with art supplies, or you can set aside a dedicated room. Another option is to cover a section of a wall with chalkboard paint, turning the wall itself into an erasable canvas. You don’t have to limit the creative spaces to inside your home either. Heading outdoors with sidewalk chalk or a portable easel and art caddy are great ways to spend time out in the fresh air with creative fun.

Put together a game room

A game room is another great option for creating a dedicated play area. In addition to keeping toys and games organized in one location, it also gives kids an extra place in the home that’s truly theirs. You can also combine it with an arts and crafts space to make a multipurpose activity room. Decorating the room is all a part of the fun, too. Just like a themed bedroom, adding decorations, removable wall graphics and elements from your children’s favorite hobbies and interests can help make the space their very own.

Take the fun outside with a playhouse

Putting together a special place for children doesn’t have to be limited to the indoors. Playhouses come in all shapes and sizes, and they can provide hours of entertainment. There are pre-fabricated options to choose from, or if you’re a fan of DIY projects, there are numerous free designs for you to build yourself. If your property allows for it, a treehouse is an exciting option for children as well. These can range from simple designs to elaborate structures, but it’s important to remember that treehouses need to be structurally sound and secure, so consult with a professional if you need guidance.


Putting together kid-friendly features in a home can be an enjoyable experience for both adults and children. Although some ideas won’t be a fit for every home and child, exploring your options for making your home a special place for your children is all part of the fun. With a little imagination and inspiration, you can create a home full of features your young ones will love.