Including kid-friendly features in your home’s outdoor spaces encourages children to unplug and enjoy the outdoors without having to leave your property. Whatever your home style is or the yard space available to you, check out these ideas for outdoor features that kids will love.

Liven up your landscaping

If you have kids or pets, a traditional grass yard may be best for you, but there are many other surface possibilities to explore. Installing a turf area on your property could be a place for bocce ball, mini golf or even a full-size sports field if your space allows it. Sandboxes or sand gardens are another unique surface material to add variety to your home that kids will love.

Pick out a playhouse

Adding a playhouse or treehouse structure is a fantastic option for those with young kids and backyard space. There are tons of premade structures of various prices and sizes available for purchase, or you could get creative and build your own. These places give kids the opportunity to let their imaginations run wild and keep any potential messes out of the house. Many playhouses have features that can be switched out or reconfigured to suit your child as they age, making them great long-term investments.

Get in the swing of things

Swings are endlessly entertaining for kids and can be added in the front yard, backyard, patio or porch. The vast variety of swings available allows you to find the perfect one that fits your budget and the aesthetic of your home. If you have large trees and a spacious yard, a classic rope swing or tire swing is a great option. Standalone patio swings or chic porch swings are a family-friendly alternative with sizes to fit any outdoor space or style of home.

Purchase portable playthings

For those with smaller outdoor areas like balconies or shared exterior spaces, collapsible play structures allow flexibility for use and storage. Water tables, kiddie pools and small slides are examples of low-cost play structures that can be easily stored and brought out for hours of fun. These are especially convenient options for parents who often host guests and don’t want their entertainment spaces to be occupied by permanent play structures.

Give them a green thumb

Setting up a small garden box, plot of soil or potted plant for your kid is a great way to get them involved with gardening. This hobby gives them an opportunity to connect with nature and learn responsibility by growing and caring for a plant. Let them pick out a selection of their favorite plants or vegetables and watch them grow! Hanging garden boxes are also perfect additions to a balcony or porch railings for those without ample yard space.


In this age of technology, it can be difficult for all of us, especially kids, to disconnect from our devices and reconnect with the outdoors. These kid-friendly features are a great way to encourage that connection and get children excited about going outside, no matter what age they are.