As the holidays draw nearer, many people are beginning to plan their gift shopping. If you need a little extra help choosing gifts for the important people in your life, here are some tips that will help you select the perfect presents without breaking a sweat or the bank.

Ask your recipient

If you haven’t already, ask your recipient about their interests, hobbies and tastes – as subtly or directly as you see fit. Use the products, ideas and experiences they mention as a starting point for your gift-selection brainstorming.

Get an insider’s recommendation

If you don’t know a person well enough to think of a gift for them, ask someone who does. Family, friends and coworkers are all potential sources of ideas.

Give an experience

Experiences can be far more meaningful than a tangible gift. Concerts, sporting events, dinners and spa treatments are just a few examples of memorable giftable experiences.

Buy local

If you’re gifting to someone out of town, a unique gift specific to your city or state, such as local food or artwork, can be extra-special.

Make it yourself

Pot a plant, bake some treats, offer to do household chores or create a piece of art. The do-it-yourself options are limitless and add a more personal touch.

Gift them a class

Has your gift recipient mentioned an interest in taking a lesson in photography, cooking, dancing or something else? If so, check out online class options, such as MasterClass, or look into local studios, gyms, schools or other places of instruction for giftable in-person session options.

Give something sentimental

Gifts that are personal or personalized can carry special significance. Consider having a memorable photo framed, customizing an ornament or charm from a vendor like Etsy or giving a favorite childhood toy or food.

Make it practical

In a world of frivolous and disposable products, practical gifts can stand out. Consider gifting a meal kit delivery, a new appliance, a portable phone charger or even some nice pairs of socks.

Make a charitable donation

Some people may not want a gift for the holidays. Instead, consider making a charitable donation in their name. Giving to a good cause can be a great feeling for the gift giver and receiver.

Keep a gift idea list year round

Going forward, maintain a gift idea list for the people you regularly give gifts to. You may see something that reminds you of a recipient, or they may mention a want or need that would make a great gift later. You’ll be glad to have a list of ready-to-go ideas when the next gifting occasion comes around.

Best of luck with your gift giving, and happy holidays!