Yes, it does! You can still get 100% financing with two great mortgage programs!

VA Financing
VA financing allows veterans to purchase a home with no down payment-you must have a VA Certificate to qualify.

Rural Development – VHFA or RD
Rural Development also offers a 100% financing option. There are specific property types and location requirements, but overall it is a great way to help borrowers buy a home with little or no money out of pocket. Rural Development allows the seller help to pay the closing costs and has a more flexible credit requirement than traditional mortgage products.

Don’t let cash savings stand between you and purchasing a home. Contact us today instead of waiting years to save up for a down payment.  Remember, in that time, rates and home values will likely rise as today’s record affordability slips away.

We offer a free, no-pressure, one-on-one Homeownership Strategy Session to learn more about these programs and to find out what you can afford. We will help you to create a concrete plan to finance your dream home.

You will leave our appointment with a copy of your credit report, a copy of the Homeownership Strategy and Coaching Session Worksheet detailing where you stand and your next steps and/or with a pre-qualification letter.  If you are looking now, or just starting to plan, when it comes to purchasing a home we can help!

We look forward to finding you the best mortgage product to meet your needs.